About me

Marketing communication

Marketing is one of my passions. I love meeting people. 

As a marketing officer in braille printing industry, I developed communication strategies with focus on the website and social media. This led to stronger media presence and more potential customers.

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Public speaking

I became an emcee in several occasions, including 

  • Kulturnatten (the Culture Night) in Luleå
  • Student Orientation Day at WASM
  • Goldfields Multicultural Association 10th Anniversary
  • Curtin Kalgoorlie Can You Dig It?
  • Birthday parties, wedding, and social events Find out more

Event Management

Some of the key aspects to make successful events are planning, teamwork, and time management. Having a timeline and making sure that all tasks are done as planned requires everyone in the team to work together and support each other. Find out more


Marketing materials design

Website development and maintenance

Social media marketing


Proofreading, editing and interpreting in English and Mandarin

Public speaking

Public speaking training 

Emcee in business and social events


Event management

Business and social events organiser


Music teaching and performance

Organ, keyboard, and Chinese harp


Multicultural event and project organiser

"Bertie is very efficient, organized and courteous. She was always willing to help everyone, and built confidence among all colleagues."

~ Mahinda Kuruppu

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