About me

My name is Bertie. I have experience in communication, strategic PR, marketing, business development, and education in Indonesia, China, and Australia in 9 years. I worked at Western Australian School of Mines (WASM), Goldfields Institute of Technology (previously called Curtin Vocational Training and Education Centre), CV Gracia Tehnik, Weber Shandwick Worldwide.

One of my passions is to develop people. I help people to be better at presentations techniques, communication, and leadership. I like to develop and motivate people.

Toastmasters International is another passion of mine. I have learnt a lot about public speaking and leadership in Toastmasters. I have got amazing mentors who help me to grow. They are like just my family to me.

What is important in life?

Family takes an important place in my life. It is through life adversity that our family has gained strengths.

Life is like an adventure. It is up and down. Regardless where life takes us to, we need to do our best and enjoy it. Open your eyes and heart widely, and see opportunities or create your own opportunities.

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