There are many interesting tourist attractions to visit in Amsterdam.

1. Canal cruise

When in Amsterdam, try to experience the canal cruise. You can see beautiful classical building around the canal. In addition to that, you get to hear the history of the canal from the tour guide.

As there is usually a long queue, make sure that you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the departure time.

For more information on the canal cruise, please see Canal tours in Amsterdam.

2. Anne Frank Huis

Visiting Anne Frank Museum gives you an insight about the Second World War and the Holocaust. You can also discover the life story of Anne Frank, her family, and their hiding place.

3. Heineken Experience

Located in the city centre, Heineken Experience is one of the most-visited attractions in Amsterdam. You can get information about the history of Heineken through interactive activities.

4. Amsterdam Arena

Home of Ajax Amsterdam, Netherlands’ most  successful football club, Amsterdam Arena offers arena tours in both Dutch and English.

5. Around and about

Walk around the city centre to experience the vibe of the city. There are many classical buildings, beautiful canals and nice atmosphere that you can enjoy while walking around the city.

Places to eat

Try various omelettes for your breakfast, brunch and lunch all day. Their omelettes are very delicious. Highly recommended. As it is very popular, come a little bit early for breakfast if you want to skip the queue.

Omelegg in Amsterdam
Omelegg in Amsterdam
Pancakes Amsterdam

Enjoy different kinds of yummy pancakes in this restaurant.

Pancakes in Amsterdam
Pancakes in Amsterdam

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