How to integrate better?

It was nice to get a movie ticket for doing a presentation about integration at Sveriges HR Förening (Sweden HR Organisation) Breakfast Meeting.

I was asked to deliver a presentation about my life experience, challenges in my journey in Sweden, and how to overcome them.

It was difficult in the beginning as I had to start all over again. I had no friends, network, and didn’t understand the language and culture.

Over 2 years I’ve learnt Swedish, gone out and talked to people, attended local meetings and workshops, sung in Luleå International Choir and done performances in Stockholm and Luleå with them, got a Swedish mentor, studied Korta vägen (the Short Road) at LTU Business and done an internship. Besides that, I did a Chinese harp and ‘angklung’ performance at the Culture Night and did a volunteer work at the Red Cross. I’ve also been doing a volunteer work in Toastmasters, developing the club and members.

When asked what suggestions I can give to the others, I would recommend people to go out and reach out for help from other people, get a mentor, and be active in the community. It’s important to be a part of the community as that enables people to integrate better.

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