How to keep a positive attitude

Why do many people say that we should have a positive attitude?

What are the benefits of having a positive attitude?

According Johns Hopkins Medicine, there is a connection between hope and heart. It is written in the article that people who are more positive may have more protection against the inflammatory damage of stress.

Tips to keep a positive attitude

Indeed Career Guide and Johns Hopkins Medicin suggest some tips to keep a positive attitude:

😃 Be grateful of the good things in your life.

😃 Describe your life with positive words.

😃 Surround yourself with positive people.

If you have a network of positive professional and social friends, then you are most likely to be positive.

😃 Meditation

😃 Try to make other people happy. When we make others happy we will be happy, too.

😃 Smile more

😃 Build resiliency. Take action rather than waiting and hoping that your problems will be resolved by themselves.

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