International Food Festival in Luleå

The annual International Food Festival was back again this year

Set up on Storgatan just right in the heart of the city, the annual International Food Festival was back on Wednesday, 28 August until Saturday, 31 August.

Organised by Geraud Markets Sweden, the festival is held in various cities in Sweden. The food stall participants travel around Sweden and then stop by in the various cities to offer a variety of food.

There were quite many food stalls that people could choose from. People could try various dishes, including French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Thai, Greek, English, German, and African cuisines.

I like trying new things, but I also tend to choose the food that I have tried previously. This year I had Polish pirogi, eclair, French chicken with apples, cinnamon and herbs. I know – it sounds weird, right? Nevertheless the chicken dish was really nice. They were all the winners of my food tasting contest.

Compared to previous years, there were less number of food stalls this year. I still remember there were Dutch and Indonesian food stalls as well as British stall where people could buy English mugs, tea pots, and jams a few years ago.

However, it is always great to have this kind of festival in Luleå. I am looking forward to visiting the festival next year. I know which dishes I want to get. Let us hope that they will be there.

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