Joining Swedish study group at Luleå Hembygdsförening

Would you like to learn more about Swedish history and culture, and make new friends? If yes, then you may want to try joining the Swedish study group at Luleå Hembygdsförening. 

What do we do?

We discuss about Swedish language, culture, and history, including:

  • The Swedish Christmas tradition, including:
    • Advent calendar
    • Advent stars that are often put by the windows during the advent period in December.
    • Lucia (Saint Lucy’s Day), which is celebrated mostly in Scandinavia and Italy on 13 December. For more information, please see: Saint Lucy’s Day.
  • Swedish Finnish: Swedish words spoken in Finland, e.g.
    • Extraknäck: extra jobb (extra job)
    • Dynvar: örngott (pillow case)
    • Skrapabulla: sladdbarn (the last child)
    • Värmebatteri: värmeelement (heater)
  • Research about relatives. Some study group members have done a research about their family history. The research also includes the words used in the old days, e.g.
    • Filtare: hatt makare (hat maker) 
    • Okulist: ögon läkare (optometrist)
    • Andtäppa: astma (asthma)
    • Kaplan: en präst (a priest)

Besides having discussions, we also like having an afternoon tea, a very special Swedish tradition. 

All of the study group members are very nice and friendly. Many of them used to work as teachers. Therefore, they are really patient in explaining new words to me. They often share their stories about life in the old days in Luleå, northern Sweden, and Finland, while I share my story and multicultural background in Indonesia and Australia. 

I enjoy studying Swedish in this group as it makes me feel belong in the community. Joining the study group helps me improve my skills and knowledge in Swedish language, culture, and history.

Founded in 1984, Luleå Hembygdsförening focuses on Luleå’s culture, industry, trade, and shipping history.

For further information about  Luleå Hembygdsförening, please see Luleå Hembygdsförening.

Hembygdsförening Swedish study group photo
Hembygdsförening Swedish study group photo

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