Jukkasjärvi and Kiruna

Things to do in Jukkarsjärvi and Kiruna
1. Visit the Ice Hotel

Located in Jukkasjärvi, northern Sweden, Ice Hotel is a must see attraction especially in winter.

The hotel is really amazing. It is made of snow and ice. Each room has different themes and ice sculptures, including little mermaid, deer, Japanese style, library (with ice bookshelf and books).

To enter the building, you need to join a tour that is available in both English and Swedish. The tour includes lunch at a restaurant across the road. It is worth it to join the tour and get lunch. The lunch buffet is delicious.

Besides the hotel, you can also visit the Ice Bar. Experience drinking in an ice glass and sit on an ice chair. When you purchase drinks at the bar, you also purchase the glass as you cannot return the glass back.

Ice Hotel provides various activities, including dog sledding, snow mobile tour, and ice sculpture workshop, etc.

2. Ride a snow mobile

We did the snow mobile tour when visiting the Ice Hotel. It was exciting to do the snow mobile tour across the frozen river and forest. We did the tour in a group of 10 people. The tour also included a Swedish afternoon tea so we could try Swedish traditional coffee with melted cheese. We even had a quiz about Ice Hotel and its surrounding area. The winner got an extra cake. I was fortunate that my hubby, who got the extra cake, was full, so I got it.

Our tour guides shared their experience growing up in Jukkasjärvi. When they were little they spent much time playing outside although it was cold.

Thick winter jackets, boots, helmets, gloves, and hats are provided for loan for the snow mobile tour. You do not need to worry if you do not have a thick jacket.

If you want to visit the Ice Hotel, I would recommend you to go there in the morning so that you have time to have a look around, and do other activities. It gets dark quickly during winter time. The day light is around 2-3 hours.

If you travel from Kiruna to the Ice Hotel by bus, you can buy a return ticket at the bus station or on the bus. Remember to pay using a credit card or a debit card as no cash is accepted on the bus.

If you stay in Kiruna, it is advisable to book a place for dinner as they may be full during meal time. People usually make a booking for dinner.

3. Join a guided tour to LKAB’s visitor center

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