The city of Kalgoorlie-Boulder is located in Goldfields-Esperance region in Western Australia. Kalgoorlie is derived from the word Karlkurla which means the silky pears in Wongatha language. Read more about Kalgoorlie on Kalgoorlie’s history.

A mining town with approximately 30,000 inhabitants, Kalgoorlie-Boulder is a close-knit community. The community spirit is shown at workplaces, organisations, and community events. People are nice and friendly. When walking in town you may bump into someone you know.

St Barbara’s Festival

Held every year in Kalgoorlie, St Barbara’s Festival recognises the history of Saint Barbara, the Patron Saint of Miners. For more information, please see St Barbara’s history.

Australia Day
Australia Day Concert at Centennial Park
Relay for life

A fundraising activity organised by Cancer Council, this event brings people together and strengthen them. It is an emotional moment for everyone there.

Multicultural Festival

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