10 ways to improve your work-life balance

It is important to keep a work-life balance as it has tremendous advantages. It enables you to optimise your life, reduce stress, and health cost.

Thinking about work whether it is a paid work or a volunteer work 24 hours a day does not do any good for your health. You might be burnout in the long run.

Some signs that you have lost work-life balance are your body is always in pain, you are always tired, and you become impatient, etc.

How should you improve your work-life balance?

Here is a list of 10 ways to improve your work-life balance:

  1. Set clear boundaries between your professional and personal life. By doing so, you can be more present in your life, and spend more quality time with yourself and family. When you have these boundaries, you can be more productive, creative, and decisive.
  2. Drop the activity that takes time and energy than it should.
  3. Try to end your day by writing a gratitude journal. Writing a list of the things that you are grateful for helps you to think more positively. I even have friends who commit to posting a message and photo on FB about the things that they are grateful for each day for a year.
  4. Prioritise your time.
  5. Have a hobby. Focusing your mind on your hobby helps you relax and refresh your mind.
  6. Exercise.
  7. Set a quite time for yourself. No matter how busy you are, a quite time for yourself can help to clear your head and prepare you to get back to your tasks better.
  8. Create a daily routine. Implementing a daily routine keeps you on track to achieve your goals.
  9. Unplug from work when it is personal time.
  10. Make time for yourself. Have fun.


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