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How to learn and master a new language quickly?

You need to know yourself better before you try different techniques. What type of person are you?

Are you a visual, auditorial, kinesthetic or digital person? How do you learn best? If you are not sure, you can answer this question:

When you are travelling and you don’t know the direction to a place, what will you do?

  1. Read a map? or
  2. Ask other people? or
  3. Go to that place yourself and just do trial and error

If you answer 1, then you may be a visual person. You learn best when you read and watch. If you answer no. 2 then you are an auditorial person who learns best when you hear something. If you answer no. 3, you may learn best by practicing the language directly. If you are a digital person, you need to know the reason why you have do things as suggested.

Some tips to master a new language quickly:

  1. Read newspapers, books and other publications in that language.
  2. Listen to CD, songs, radio in the language.
  3. Watch TV in that language.
  4. Write a word on a memo paper and attach it, e.g. ‘sofa’: put the memo with the word ‘sofa’ on the real sofa, so every time you sit there you can read and memorize the word.
  5. Read out loud.
  6. Practice with your family, friends, and colleagues etc.
  7. Make a list of the new words and practice the new words.
  8. Write a journal in that language (once you already know many words).

Everyone has different learning styles and preference. You can of course combine different ways to suit your learning styles, e.g. combine reading with listening. There are many audio books that you can use to read and listen at the same time.

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