There are many activities that you can do in Luleå, northern Sweden. First of all, I would recommend you to study Swedish. Although people here can speak English, it is still an advantage if you can communicate with people in Swedish. It can help you to integrate to the community better.

Swedish language training

You can learn Swedish at Swedish for Immigrants (SFI).

More information about SFI including the contact details and registration is assessable on Luleå kommun website.

Final presentation at SFI


Join local organisations

Come along to various local organisations available in Luleå as it is a great way to make new friends, establish your network, and learn more about Swedish culture and society.

This is a great place to make new friends from Sweden and other countries, improve communication and leadership skills in a safe and supportive environment. During the meeting people can choose to speak Swedish or English. The club has regular meetings at Föreningarnas Hus on Storgatan 13 every fortnight, social events at The Bishop Arms, and BBQ, etc. It is fun and exciting.

Some of the choir activities include:

Other organisations include:



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