There are many things to do during winter time in the northern Sweden.

First Advent in Sweden
Dog sledding tour

You can do a dog sledding tour in a forest, on the frozen sea or in the archipelago.

You need to ensure to wear warm clothes, jackets, gloves, hat, and boots. The tour guide will lend you a pair of winter boots if required.

If you take the tour with your friend, then you can take turn to sit on the sled. It is really exciting to drive the sled through the forest. You can feel the breeze, enjoy the beauty of the white snow covering all the trees, and take a deep breath. I just love to be able to enjoy the nature.

Ice music

It’s really fun to watch the ice music performance. The music instruments are made of ice. You watch the performance in the music hall that is made of ice. The room temperature is kept to -6 degrees Celsius.


Walking on the frozen sea

During winter time people can walk on the frozen sea and river.


Walking to Gråsjälören island

To reach Gråsjälören island normally we have to go by boat. However, during winter time people can walk on the frozen sea to reach the island. It takes about 30-45 minutes from the South Harbour to the island.


Walking on the frozen sea, Södra Hamn (South Harbour)

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