Luleå International Choir Performance and Workshop in Stockholm

It was an exciting trip down to Stockholm with Luleå International Choir members to do a choir performance and workshop at Eric Ericson Skeppsholmen.

We traveled by night train on Thursday evening and arrived in Stockholm at 6:30am on the following day.

Night train to Stockholm with Luleå International Choir (Photo: Monica Åslund)

We went directly to Eric Ericson Skeppsholmen, the performance hall that used to be a church. Then we had breakfast at Skeppsholmens High School.

Eric Ericson Skeppsholmen

We did a workshop until about 12pm, with a morning tea break about half an hour.

After lunch we continued the workshop again. We invited all the students to sing with us.

We sang various songs together:

  1. ‘Wangol’ in Swedish and African
  2. ‘Slå rot’ in Swedish
  3. ‘Sverige’ in Swedish
  4. ‘Koro Koro’ in Eastern African
  5. ‘Tre blad’ in Swedish
  6. ‘Vi sålde våra hemman’ in Swedish
  7. ‘Ayibobo’ in African
  8. ‘Larenn Kongo’
  9. ‘Lamma Bada’ in Arabic
  10. ‘Panama M Tonbe’ in Haitian Creole
  11. ‘Abobo’ in Haitian Creole
  12. ‘Vägen i natten’ in Russian and Swedish


After that we had dinner at Wagamama, a Japanese restaurant in the city. The food is delicious. I especially like the duck ramen and the green tea that I ordered.

It was a great weekend with nice people and a lot of Swedish language training.

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