One of the best ways to learn Swedish

I am grateful that we could spend an afternoon with our dear friend. We cooked lunch together, sang some Swedish songs, and learned Swedish.

We talked about some interesting Swedish words, including ‘änka’ (widow) and ‘anka’ (duck), ‘andra’ (the other) and ‘ändra’ (to change). I even mentioned ‘svärbror’ when I referred to ‘brother in law’. Well, we have ‘svärmor’ (mother in law), and ‘svärfar’ (father in law), so I thought ‘svärbror’ was brother in law in Swedish. People were just laughing so loudly because ‘svåger’ is the word for brother in law in Swedish, and not ‘svärbror’.

Nice lunch with our Swedish friend

Swedish is such an interesting language. Its pronunciation is different from English. I guess one of the best ways to learn it is to immerse yourself into the culture and society. Learning some Swedish songs and speaking the language on a daily basis can help you to improve your Swedish quickly.

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