Outing in the nature

Going out in the nature is an activity that people like to do in Sweden. The nature here is beautiful, and the air is fresh.

Based on the ‘rights of public access’ or allemansrätten (in Swedish), everyone has an access to the nature on the land and water. However, people should follow some rules when they are out in the nature hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting, etc.

Having been living here for a few years, I get used to go out in the nature. Even when the sea is frozen during winter time, I join other people to walk on the frozen sea.

It was my Swedish mentors who introduced me about Swedish way of life. When doing a Swedish training in Bergnäskyrkan, my mentors took us on an outing in the nature. It was such a great idea to learn Swedish out in the nature. We had an afternoon tea, sang and danced together. I enjoyed going on the outing.

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