Picking lingonberry in the forest

In Sweden many people pick up berries during summer and autumn. During September to early October lingonberries are the ones mostly picked up.

Where do people pick up berries?

People pick up berries in the forest
People pick up berries in the forest

Why do people like picking up berries?

It’s nice to be outside in the forest. Fresh air, beautiful view, nice weather are some reasons why people like picking up berries. In addition to that, it’s also a great way to exercise. You need to bend down, stand up, and bend down again to pick up the berries.

How to clean lingonberry?

Put lingonberry in a tray
Put lingonberry in a tray
Shake the tray
Shake the tray to let the dirt and leaves fall down

What do they do with the berries?

Many people sell berries to earn money. However most people pick up berries for family consumption. They use the berries to make jam, and bake cakes, etc.

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