Smoked sweet paprika dip

I had never made my own dip until one day my friend invited me to her birthday party. I had a lot of delicious food in the party, but the most memorable food that I had there was the homemade smoked sweet paprika dip.

It is healthy, and delicious. You can ensure that there is no preservative as it is homemade.

Since that birthday party, I have tried to make my own smoked sweet paprika dip.


  • 2 sweet paprika
  • 55 gr of walnuts
  • 1 bulb of garlic
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Smoked paprika

Time needed: 25 minutes.

How to make homemade sweet paprika dip

  1. Take out the seeds in the sweet paprika.

    Cut it into two parts.

  2. Put it in the baking tray.

    Splash with a little bit of olive oil.
    Bake it for around 20 minutes in 190 degrees Celsius.

  3. Mix the baked sweet paprika with the walnuts, garlic, salt and smoked paprika in food processor.

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