Speak from the heart

When PowerPoint fails, you still have the most important asset in your presentation: yourself. Speak from your heart.

What happens if you cannot use your well-prepared PowerPoint presentation in an important meeting?

Last time I had to deliver a speech, I had prepared many things, including researching some materials, creating a PowerPoint presentation, practising my speech, and of course coming to the meeting earlier.

PowerPoint didn’t work

I arrived at the meeting venue, set up the laptop, data projector, and my Power Point presentation, etc. Everything worked well. However, when I was about to deliver my presentation, I couldn’t open the PowerPoint presentation! O my gosh…

Plan B

I tried different things, but I still couldn’t open it. Fortunately, I knew what I wanted to say. I had the structure in my head, and I could improvise. As I lost the access to my PowerPoint presentation, an important tool to deliver my presentation, I just had to be flexible and speak from my heart. I drew my experience and related it back to the audience.

New learning experience

Here are some things that I have learnt:

  • It is good to have PowerPoint presentation. Nonetheless, remember that PowerPoint presentation is only a tool. The most important tool is yourself.
  • If your PowerPoint presentation somehow doesn’t work, it is fine.
  • Be flexible
  • Speak from your heart
  • Share your own experience and relate it to the audience

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