Startup Luleå

Startup Luleå, an event for people interested in networking, and even starting a business, was held on last Thursday at Roasters.

In this event there were two entrepreneurs delivering a speech about their businesses, challenges, and tips. Anna Lundqvist, just started up a new company Complete Consulting after 20 years of working in leadership and management positions. Asiad Majeed shared his experience establishing his company, Yamzu E-sport.

Anna gave a great suggestion:

  • The power of action. Sometimes we only think about what we should do. Instead of keep thinking, we should take an action.

Asiad advised people about:

  • Do something that you like and enjoy
  • People + value = money. Don’t think about the money first. Think about the people first instead.
  • Not everyone understands and likes your idea.

All in all it was an interesting event. The two entrepreneurs gave valuable insights. It was a great opportunity to establish network.

Asiad sharing his experience in starting his business
Asiad sharing his experience in starting his business

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