‘To travel is to live’ -Hans Christian Andersen.

Travelling has many advantages. It helps me to broaden my horizon, see the world, and understand it better. When I was at school, it took a lot of effort to memorise history lesson. I used to remember the lesson, but after the exam I tend to forget it.

However, when I visited the historical sites in Germany, Norway, and UK, I could understand about the history better. I actually got interested to learn more about it, and even research about it. Having a hubby who is into history also helps, as we talk about history a lot. Well, he is usually the one who delivers the lectures about history.

I find that it is more interesting to visit the historical sites and do a research about it rather than just read about the story in a book.

The reason why I write about my travel is to share with you my experience and learning points.

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