Welcome Talent 2016

Ylva Johansson, Swedish Minister of Labour delivered a speech in Welcome Talent at Hotell Nordkalotten, Luleå on Tuesday, 24 May 2016.

In her speech she mentioned her experience speaking France when travelling in France. French people looked so happy that she could speak French. She encouraged us to appreciate the people not from Sweden when they speak Swedish with an accent because they have tried to speak Swedish and Swedish is not an easy language after all.

Organised by Stockholms Handelskammare, Norrbottens Handelskammare, Arbetsförmedlingen, Swedbank and LinkedIn, the meeting aimed to increase the possibilities for companies to take and see new competence, especially from the foreigners. There are many companies that have experience and knowledge on how to take care these unique competence.

Other people who gave a talk included:

  • Maria Rankka, Stokholms Handelskammare
  • Jenny Westman, Swedbank Luleå
  • Helge Nilsson, IKEA Haparanda Tornio
  • Daniel Nilsson, Arbetsförmedlingen

Helge Nilsson shared IKEA Haparanda Tornio’s experience taking asylum seekers as interns while their residency status was processed. It was a learning curve for both the interns and the company staff members.

Jenny Westman talked about Swedbank’s program in helping immigrants and young people by giving them internship opportunities.

I had a chance to have a quick chat with the Swedish Minister of Labour, Ylva Johansson, about the challenges for immigrants to get a job. Internship can increase the chance for them to get into the job market; however, many of them still face a challenge to get a job after the internship finishes.

It is still worth a try to do an internship though. It is recommended to contact Arbetsförmedlingen, a government employment agency, to get more information about this.

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